Close Kiev defense.

Command of Southwestern Front afraid of German air-landing
on the eastern bank of Dniepr river in Kiev area.
Cause that Soviet Command 14 July ordered 3rd Airborn
Corps move in Borispol', Brovary area with task not allow
German landing and with task defende Kiev.

5th Airborn Brigade (colonel A.I.Rodimtsev now general-colonel, second hero of Soviet Union ) stop near Borisov, 6th Airborn Brigade( commander half/colonel Zholudev) in forest north-west of Brovary and 12th Airborn Brigade in Dodarkovo area.
Thus, to the end of July 1941 in structure of forces defending Kiev
fortification were: 161st, 193rd, 28th Separate Machine-gun Battalion, 1st and 2nd Machine-gun of fortification,147th, 206th and 175th Rifle Division, One Regiment of 81th Moto-Rifle
Division, 2nd and 3rd Airborn Brigade, Forces of Matykin, 1st and 2nd Artillery School, 4th Moto-Rifle Regiment of NKVD,
344th, 377th Artillery Regiments, 132nd Tank Regiment without tanks, 45, 555, 538 Anti-tank battary, 3rd Motor Cycle Battalion, 229th Anti-aircraft battary, 8, 249, 409 sapper Battalion, 20th Frontier-guard group.
In evening August 7, in Myshelovka area take in counter offensive two battalions of 5th Air-landing Brigade and pilots of 19th and 62nd Bombardment Divisions.

August 8, 212nd Airborn Brigade was entered into battle on a site the shabby of 147th RD. To this time, break of the German troops was clearly designated in the direction of Kiev, and broken and cut of the Soviet formations have begun to prepare for withdrawal. August 9, the Southwest Front has thrown in counter-attack on a site of break the last large reserve: 5th Airborn Brigade of the colonel Rodimtsev. The general of army Kirponos, straight off, has commanded to engage just the arrived brigade to action. In interaction with units of rifle divisions commandoes have beaten out Germans from important in tactical attitude Goloseevsk wood and a suburban of university then heat of battles in this region has achieved the apogee. August 10, German troops have put powerful impact (force up to five divisions) along highway of Vasilkov - Kiev, in the beginning on a position of Rodimtsev's brigade. To outcome August 10, in the ranks of 3rd Airborn Brigade remained 375 persons.

August 11, Soviet High Command ordered move 284th Rifle Division to defense Kiev. On this day division fight on Myshelovka area (south of Kiev). 295th Rifle Division came after several days and defend on line Svyatoshino-Myshelovka.

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