On the Lutsk direction.









The German put impact in a joint of 5th and 6th Soviet Armies in a direction of Sokale-Dubno. The main impact was rendered to the units of 27th Rifle Corps of 5th Army. The armies of the first echelon of this corps   located directly on the border in 2nd (87th RD) and 4th (124th RD) Fortification District were surrounded. By evening a situation of 87th Rifle Division, go round from flanks and cut off from the main forces, has worsened. Tank regiment ( sent from 22th Motrized Corps for strengthening) as a result of fights has withdrawaled on the north in Turopine area, where has occupied defenses position on a bank of the Turya river, covering "Kovel" direction.  

The Soviet directive №3 from June 22 to armies of Southwest Front put a task: at support of aircraft to put converging impacts on Lubline to surround and destroy an enemy grouping coming in area Vladimir-Volynsk, and to outcome of July 24 take possession of Lubline area. The German performance of this directive at once has encountered the large difficulties: Soviet Mechanized Corps of covering (4th, 15th, 22th) were already involved in frontier battles and have carried losses, Mechanized Corps of front submission were in 200 - 400 kms from initial boundaries of expansion for approach and were exposed at promotion to impacts of aircraft. An overall objective counter-offensive was rout on 1st Panzer Group, broken by 5th Army of the general M.I.Potapov and 6th army of the general I.N.Muzychenko. The counter tank battle was developed in area Lutsk-Dubno since June 23. From the Lutsk and Dubno areas Soviet 9th Mechanized Corps of general Rokosovsky and 19th Mechanized Corps of the general N.V.Feklenko put impact on the left flank of 1st Panzer Group.

June 23 the German forces continued offensive on Lutsk, Berestechko, expanding break between 5th and 6th Soviet Armies. Under the order Commander of Southwest Front  22nd Mechanized Corps owes by 4:00 24.06 together with 27th Rifle Corps (135th Rifle Division of the second echelon) put impact in direction Vladimir-Volynsk and Voynitsa to destroy the "Vladimir-Volynsk" grouping of the opponent. But at 8:00 of June 24, the  German 14th Panzer Division, supported by impacts of aircraft, outstrip the Soviet forces, attacked 135th Soviet Rifle Division from woods to the north of Voynitsa and have pressed it on 5-6 kms   to the east.  In second half of day of June 24, 22th Mechanized Corps take the offensive from a boundary Voynitsa - Boguslavskaya has advanced on 7-10 km up to Lokache. But, working independently, without air support, the Soviet corps has lost more than 50 % of tanks and has withdrawaled on initial positions. At 17:00 the German again attacked 19th Tank and 135th Rifle Divisions, putting impact on their left flank. In a result of more two-hour fight Soviet 19th Tank Division, having lost the most part of there tanks, and 135th Rifle Division and 1st Anti-tank Brigade - significant number of men and artillery, have begun withdrawal on a boundary Stanislavovka, Ulyanka, Oderody.

On the morning of June 25, Soviet 9th and 19th Mechanized Corps take the second counter-attack, having rejected German units of 3rd Panzer Corps on the southwest from Rovno. But to develop success it was not possible, because the Soviet impact from the south, in view of unready of forces, was transferred to the next day. On the evening of June 25, defined a failure of fight for Soviet 215th Motorized Division , rendering impact to the Vladimir-Volynsk grouping of the opponent from the north. German have put forward towards to it, 298th Infantry Division, which, repel 215th R. Division, on dawn of June 25, itself attacked it at support of artillery and aircraft, compelling at first to proceed to a defense, and then to depart to the north - on the Turya river. By these actions counter-attack of the second echelons of 5th Soviet Army on the Vladimir-Volynsk grouping of the opponent was finished.   

The Germans, has taken Lutsk  on evening of June 25 and tried to develop impact along a highway on Rovno and also grasp the bridge-head in Rogishe area. During the night of June 26, weaken, in a course of counter-attack Soviet forces withdrawaled on the east. There was a panic and chaotic withdrawal of 135th Rifle Divisions, 19th Tank Divisions and 460th Artillery Regiment of 27th Rifle Corps. The flow of the people, cars, motor vehicles, guns rushed along a highway on Rovno, and only vigorous intervention of the officers of a Staff Army and personally of general Potapov has stopped this flight and stopped the further distribution of a panic, which has captured partially and 131st Motorized Division.  For covering a ferry on the railway bridge at Rogishe was used of motorcycle regiment of 22th M.C. and also remnants of 135th Rifle Division.

On a right wing of 5th Soviet Army 15th Rifle Corps (45th and 62nd Rifle Division) from 7:00 of June 26, being covered advance guard, began a withdrawal on a boundary Sushki, Shayno, Gorodelets, continuing to provide Kovel from the northwest by units of 41st Tank Division.  


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