Counterstroke along the Malin axis.

Conditions on Malin  direction was more and more worsened. To outcome of August 4, German forces of 51st Army Corps promote on depth up to 20 kms and expand bridgehead up to 30 kms in Ksaverov direction and in a northwest direction along the railway Maline - Korosten'.

Undertaken under the order of Sovier commander during August 2-3, counterattack by forces of Soviet 62nd and 45th Rifle Divisions from the west and northwest and forces of 9th MechCorps from the north and 22nd MechCorps from the south-east in the general direction to Maline was reflected by Germans. 22nd MechCorps by forces of 215th MD conducted battle for Ksaverov, 19th Tank Division kept a boundary Rutvenko, Starye Vorobi.                                                                       map's source David Glantz book "Forgotten battles"

In the evening August 4, general Potapov, having estimated conditions, has made a decision: 22nd MechCorps (19 TD, 41TD, 228 RD) come in direction Riznya, Gorodisha and in interaction with 1st Airborn Corps destroy Germans forces and to outcome of day seize left bank of the Irsha rivers at the Malin front.

Germans since morning August 5, has renewed offensive in both directions and to outcome of day has pressed Soviet troops on 6-10 kms. In a strip of Soviet 31st RC and 19th MC Bondarevsk grouping of the opponent (17th Army Corps) in structure of four infantry divisions at 9:00 August 5, after strong artillery and aviation preparation has gone over to the offensive, rendering the main impact along the railway on Korosten' where 56th Infantry Division entered into battle operated. Despite of persistent resistance and the counter-attacks of Soviet forces repeatedly passing in fierce hand-to-hand fights, the opponent managed to press our troops on 5-6 kms to the north. 22nd MC by 21:00 August 5, has left: 215 MD - Ksaverov, 19th and 41st TD - Petrovskoe, 228th RD - Riznya.

Carrying out the order, Soviet commander of 5th Army, formations of 19th MC (and also 31st and 15th RC) since evening August 6, under a cover of rear guards departed on a new boundary, and troops of the left wing of army have renewed attacks on east flank of Malin groupings of the opponent. Units of 9th MC, 1st Airborn and 22nd MC have renewed attacks on German grouping. But having met persistent resistance of 113th, 262nd, 98th and 296th German Infantry Divisions, could promote within three days only on 6-10 kms to outcome August 8.

Though as a result of this counterattack position in region of Malin also was not restored, German offensive of superior forces  were held back, that promoted realization of the organized withdrawal of 31st and 15th Soviet Rifle Corps from a southern "bag" in which they were.

Commander of 5th Soviet Army has made a decision to proceed in every way to persistent defense on Rudnya boundary. This decision was confirmed and in the subsequent battle orders from August, 10. The Soviet forces continued to keep put forward to the west from the Dnieper river on 150-200 kms ledge of front, that in a combination to active actions of its troops created constant threat to German northern flank of group "South" and to its rear communications. This hanging position of 5th Soviet Army has compelled German command to hold against it and 27th RC up to nine divisions, that is the basic forces of 6th German Army, distracting them from actions on the Kiev and southern directions.

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