Novgorod-Volynskii offensive operation (10-14 July).

July 5, on northern wing group of army "South" have started offensive German 6th Army and 1st Panzer Group. "Stalin's Line" was broken through in region Novgorod -Volynsk and to the south, tanks in some days have reached Berdichev and Zhitomir.

July, 6. Counterblows of 6th Soviet Army on Lubar are unsuccessful. Units of 6th Army are exhausted and have exhausted. Would believe are expedient to strengthen due to the right wing of Southern Front formations of 6th Army by two divisions, having concentrated their marching in region Kalinovki. Zhukov.

July, 7. On the received data, Germans tanks  have broken through fortification area at Novy Miropol'.... Commander of Southern Front  put forward immediately 16th Mechanized Corps on Berdichev and render reserves of Southwest Front in destruction of the opponent.

German troops have put the main impact on a joint of 5th and 6th Soviet Armies. July 12, they managed to leave to the Kiev consolidated region, seize Berdichev and come to Belaya Tserkov'. It has created threat of deep encirclement troops of 6th and 12th Armies. When after that German Panzer Group wanted to turn on a southeast, but Soviet troops have put strong impact on its left flank therefore it was necessary to use a part of forces for defense.

The decision commander of 5th Army: army, strongly keeping by part of forces boundary Rudnitsa, Belotserkovitchy by forces of 31st RC, 9th and 22nd MechCorpses strikes a blow in direction Bronniki, Chernitsa, in interaction with 6th Army destroys the broken grouping of Germans and restores on the left flank front on the river Sluch'.

5th Army, defending by forces of two rifle divisions of 15th RC, one division of 31st RC and four machine-gun batallions western sector Korosten' fortification on site Rudnitsa, the shock grouping in structure of two divisions of 31st RC and three Mechanized Corps since morning July 10, has gone over to the offensive from front Vershnitsa, Tesnovka.

Soviet offensive developed non-uniformly. Attacked the left flank and in the centre of a shock grouping by 19th, 9th and 22nd MechCorps, have all totally 130 tanks, for the period from July 10, till July 14, have promoted on 10-20 kms and came on the Kiev highway. At the same time 31st RC, working on right flank, having met persistent resistance of German 17th Army Corps, has promoted only on 3-6 kms.

Troops of 5th Soviet Army could not secure and keep a boundary held by them, as the opponent increased their forces by reserves, since morning July 15, after a strong artillery preparation and air strikes has gone over to the offensive from front Vershnitsa. Using the superiority in strength, Germans by July 18, has pressed Soviet units of 31st RC, 19th, 9th and 22nd MechCorpses to the north and northeast.

Only when 6th German Army coming to the south it has an opportunity to continue offensive in a southeast direction. 17th Army started offensive through Zbrutch river, by July 15, have broken through "Stalin's line" in Bar region and July 18, have grasped bridgehead on the river Southern Bug at Vinnitsa.

July, 18. With a view of creation of the most favourable grouping on the left wing of Southwest Front the Soviet High Command has commanded:

1. 6th and 12th Armies remove on a boundary the Belaya Tserkov', Tetiev, Gaysin....

4. Simultaneously by forces of 27th, 6th and 64th RC conduct decisive offensive with the purpose of exit on front Zhitomir, Kazatin, Tetiev for impact in flank of the opponent working against 6th army.

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