Fights in Pribaltic.

On the main impact direction group of armies was possible to achieve more favorable ratio of forces.
  8th Soviet Army 18th Army and 4th Panzer Group Ratio
Divisions                                               7                                         16                                        1:2
Men                                     82010                                   360060                                     1:4,4
Guns and mortars                                       1574                                      4666                                     1:2,9
Tanks                                         730                                     649                                     1,2:1


From the first day of offensive 56th German Panzer Corps should advance on 80 kms in depth to take possession of the bridge through the Dubissa river about Irogola city. The Shauliy direction  on the Soviet-German border was covered by 125th Soviet Rifle Division. Against it the main forces of 56th Panzer Corps acted. 125th RD could not reflect maintained by German air forces impact of tanks (up to 30 and more tanks on kilometer of front) and, having incurred the large losses, began retreat, having left Taurogen city.The forces of 8th German Panzer Division took city and move on Rasienai. On approaches to it 48th Soviet Rifle Division has entered straight off fight. The Soviet forces have not time to be unwrapped and have not artillery. The air defense was absent. 48th Division could conduct the intense fight only within several hours. Finally to break its resistance, Germans has entered into fight reserve (3rd Panzer) Division. After that 48th Soviet RD began retreat, which occured extremely unorganizedly. Owing what Rasienai city and also bridge to the north from this city through the Dubissa river near Irogola were handed over. By the end of the first day of war the tank formations of 4th Panzer Group were already at 60-70 km behind the border. Thus 56th Panzer Corps of 4th Panzer Group was forwarded through Dubissa and was quickly moved to the West Dvina river to Daugavpils. Coming on the left flank 41st German Panzer Corps on some time was detained by counterattack of Russian tanks on Shauliy direction. In fights which were taking place from June 24 till June 26 in area to the north of Kaunas, it route Soviet forces. At 14 o'clock of June 22, Command of 8th Soviet Army has ordered to12th Mechanize Corps cooperating with 3rd Mechanize Corps, to destroy the enemy coming on Shaulay direction. Commander of 12th Mechanize Corps has ordered 28th Tank Division and 202nd Motorize Division, cooperating with 3rd Mechanize Corps from Ughventis since morning of June 23, put impact on Germans wedged in Tauragen direction, 28th Tank Division went in initial area for counterattack in the morning of June 23. In Kaltinenay area there was a first fight of 28th Tank forces with German tanks. The Soviet division have rejected an enemy on five kilometers and have destroyed fourteen tanks and twenty guns. June 25, Soviet tank corps put a task rout the enemy to the southwest of Shaulay. However because of delay 23rd Soviet Tank Division, 28th TD have heavy defense fights, passing in counterattack. During four hours of fight to June 25, 28th Soviet Tank Division have lost 48 tanks. And to the end of day 84 machines. On June 27, troops of 28th TD have occupied a defense line on the Musha river. June 29, Germans have grasped bridgehead on the suburb of Riga, having cut off ways of retreat forces of 8th Army. 28th Tank Division was ordered to clear banks of an enemy. By sudden flank impact division forces rout an enemy. 8th Soviet Army covered by formations of 12th Mechanize Corps reatred on Riga and 28th TD on Madona-Pskov direction. At the same time 56th German Panzer Corps on June 24 has taken possession in Vilkomerz area of the large road conducting on Daugavpils. June 26 by one tank and one motorize division have reached West Dvina in area of Daugavpils and have grasped bridgehead on its right bank. Per the first day of war the Soviet rifle forces on the border were rout and German division of the first echelon of 3rd Panzer Group, using seized bridges in Alitus and Merkis area, were forwarded through the Neman river.

Trying to detain progress of the opponent on the Neman river, Soviet command of 11th Army has thrown in fight 5th Tank Division. The commander of 5th Division had time to put forward to the bridge at Alitus only artillery of 5th Motorize-rifle, anti-aircraft and 9th Tank Regiments. This forces have detained German 39th Panzer Corps on time. However after capture of second bridge through Neman to the south of Alitus, Germans has developed prompt offensive to the north and soon encircled on the east bank of Neman the main forces of 5th Tank Division. In unequal and fierce fight Soviet forces was routed, having lost 90 tanks.

At this time 2nd Russian Tank Division came on Tauragens direction and counterattacked motorize German forces. Together with the remnants of 48th and 125th Soviet Rifle Divisions they have destroyed in Raseinya area 40 tanks and 40 guns. Germans has taken possession of Kaunas and part of forces has directed to Vilnius. Main forces of 56th Panzer Corps has left in Ionava area, cutting Soviet 11th Army from 8th.

Command of 11th Soviet Army has tried to restore a situation, having thrown on Ionava 84th Motorize Division. But in fierce fight this forces already considerably weaken in fights under Kaunas, again has incurred heavy losses and isolated formations was rolled away in an arrangement of receding parts of Soviet 16th Rifle Corps. Thus coming on parallel Daugavpils and Shaulay directions, Germans has bypassed from flanks and has surrounded 2nd Soviet Tank Division

At the same time German 56th Tank Corps on June 24 has taken possession in Vilkomerz area on the large road conducting on Daugavpils. June 26 by one tank and one motorize divisions Germans has reached Western Dvina in area of Daugavpils and has grasped bridgehead on its right bank.

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